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The BMW glasses case is a practical storage facility for conventional spectacles.
Its simple fastening using Velcro strips enables it to be positioned flexibly in the car, both on the sun visors and also on the grab handles on the headlining. The size of the case is designed for fastening in the car which means that even large sun visors can be used to fasten it.
Its coordinating design ensures that the glasses case matches the existing BMW interior perfectly.


Ideal for travelling with children. The BMW seat-back storage pocket is fastened to the rear of the front seat, thus providing long term protection from dirt. The seat-back storage pocket is made of sturdy polyester fabric and provides rear passengers with plenty of storage space to keep a wide range of travel utensils to hand and easily visible: bags of various sizes, some of which can be sealed; a bottle holder; a facility for attaching paper handkerchiefs and a washable sturdy kick guard including bag function with a typical BMW design feature. In addition to its base colour of black/grey-streaked, the seatback storage pocket in elegant BMW design create highlights with blue zip fasteners and design zippers. There are a wide black rubber cords with blue accident stitches on the bags to attach or insert other items. The seat-back storage pocket is fastened using a connector on the headrest and also two fastening hooks, attached under the seat. The combination of these fastenings ensures that the seat-back storage pocket fits perfectly on the car seat.

The seat-back storage pocket with washable, sturdy kick guard can be used to attach paper handkerchiefs, a bottle holder and bags of various sizes, some of which can be sealed. It is easy to carry and can be folded using a pressstud.

The high quality, sturdy polyester fabric is particularly easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth.


The textile BMW Collapsible Box is an ideal supplementary product for storing objects inside and outside your car. The collapsible box is particularly slip-resistant thanks to a rubber coating on the bottom. Straightforward to set up and collapse via Velcro fasteners. It has a carrying capacity up to 20kg.

Dimension: 44cm x 32cm x 20cm

• The BMW Collapsible Box is available in both black and black in red trimming.


The BMW Loading Sill Protective Mat for the loading and unloading edge, it keep the luggage compartment free of scratches and dirt. Can be easily secured to the rear lashing eyes in the luggage compartment using a velcro fastening. The connection can be moved so that the various positioning of the lashing eyes is irrelevant. Perfectly protects the person clothing from getting dirty during loading from the car dirt by the bumper. When not in use as a loading sill protector or to prevent scratches, the mat can also be used as an anti-slip mat in the luggage compartment. The mat is made of water-repellent material.

Dimension: 98 x 90 x 71cm (length x depth x height).

• Suitable for all BMW series.
• Caution must be taken when using product with vehicle with automatic tailgate activation (SA316) and Comfort Access (SA322).