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The carrier is attached between the front seat headrest pillars and provides a secure base for all components in the modular Travel & Comfort System. The clothes hanger, folding table, universal hook, GoPro camera holder as well as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab holders can be easily snapped into place with the plug-in coupling.

This product is only suitable for vehicles with headrest bars
This is a compulsory product needed to be installed before fitting in any other travel and comfort system


Part Number: 51952449252

The handy folding table, with its modular plug connector, is easily fitted to the Travel and Comfort System’s Base Carrier. The height and angle of the folding table can be adjusted, and it also offers an integrated cup holder with chrome ring.

Do note that a basic carrier is required for this item to work.
The basic carrier is sold separately here.


The universal hook makes it possible to hang items of coat or light bags on the rear side of the backrest, protecting them from dirt in the footwell. Thanks to the plug-in coupling, it is extremely easy to attach the universal hook to the separately available basic carrier.

Do note that a basic carrier is required for this item to work.
The basic carrier is sold separately here.

Adaptor Cable for Micro-USB

This adapter allows the device to be charged and the music tracks stored on the device to be played, as well as enabling operation using the iDrive Controller, multi-functional steering wheel or radio. It is also possible to search for tracks by artist, album, play list or genre on the on-board monitor or radio display. Depending on the car model, equipment and year of build, the on-board display may also be used to show cover art or even play videos.

The sheath is made of buffalo leather and the lavish seam give the cable a high quality appearance and make it pleasant to the touch.

The particularly robust design (with all-metal plugs) and tailored cable length make the adapters ideal for use in the car.

Perfectly coordinated with BMW: the cable's electrical properties have been tailored to the various BMW radios.

The connected device is automatically charged during operation.

The plugs feature the BMW logo and therefore readily identifiable as original parts.

The USB adapters can also be used in other cars and even outside the car, for example on a PC, laptop or USB electrical outlet adapter.

Technical Information :
The cable's electrical properties have been enhanced and the wave resistance has been improved.


This high-quality leather key case combines both elegance and functionality as only BMW can. Its attractive colours and its noble yet reserved design make the key case appear luxurious, as well as authentic and timeless all at the same time.

The high-quality leather case protects the key from scratches and other damage. All key functions remain intact due to the unique fastening mechanism. The fine leather has a high-quality feel, and the shape of the case fits nicely in the hand.

A metal pin is first inserted into the key and then secured to the case. For daily use, the key is simply taken out of the case. The high-quality metal clasp fastens the key securely to the case.



The key case developed especially for BMW Lines combines a preferred design with a protective function. The case is made from high-quality leather.

The case is firmly connected to the key via a high-quality metal clasp bearing the BMW logo and therefore protected against loss. The high-quality leather case protects the key from scratches and other damage. It comes with an elegant design: the fine leather creates a high-quality look and the case fits pleasantly in the hand.

Supplied package: Key case, Torx screwdriver

This product makes an excellent gift.