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Ideal for travelling with children. The BMW seat-back storage pocket is fastened to the rear of the front seat, thus providing long term protection from dirt. The seat-back storage pocket is made of sturdy polyester fabric and provides rear passengers with plenty of storage space to keep a wide range of travel utensils to hand and easily visible: bags of various sizes, some of which can be sealed; a bottle holder; a facility for attaching paper handkerchiefs and a washable sturdy kick guard including bag function with a typical BMW design feature. In addition to its base colour of black/grey-streaked, the seatback storage pocket in elegant BMW design create highlights with blue zip fasteners and design zippers. There are a wide black rubber cords with blue accident stitches on the bags to attach or insert other items. The seat-back storage pocket is fastened using a connector on the headrest and also two fastening hooks, attached under the seat. The combination of these fastenings ensures that the seat-back storage pocket fits perfectly on the car seat.

The seat-back storage pocket with washable, sturdy kick guard can be used to attach paper handkerchiefs, a bottle holder and bags of various sizes, some of which can be sealed. It is easy to carry and can be folded using a pressstud.

The high quality, sturdy polyester fabric is particularly easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth.
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