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The high-quality BMW dual USB chargers enable up to two devices to be charged simultaneously. All products have been meticulously finished in the BMW design and the charging process is particularly quick and convenient.

The high charging current of up to max. 2 x 3 A at max.
2 x 18 W power ensures extremely fast charging.


BMW cool bag is for cooling, storage and perfect integration. The actively cooling bag can be secured perfectly to any BMW seat to prevent it from tipping over or sliding around. The fold-down front pocket has been specially developed to be secured using the seatbelt. The external side pocket provides additional storage space for the electrical connector and other items. The robust nylon outer material is completely black and printed with a silver-grey BMW logo.

Refrigerated container :
•Hard-wearing grey plastic.
•13 litre refrigeration capacity.

Bag :
•Additional thermal insulation inside the bag.
•Large pocket opening.
•Single-handed operation of the dual-direction zip fastener to open the bag.
•Protection to prevent tipping over and sliding around: The bag is secured between the refrigerated container and fold-down front pocket on the car seat using the seatbelt.
The attached strap allows the front pocket to be conveniently folded down, providing access to the seatbelt guide.
•Adjustable carrying strap:
The carrying strap can be used as a long should strap by simply detaching and joining the two single straps.
•Belt padding for comfortable carrying by hand or over the shoulder.
•Large external side pocket for storing the electrical connector with the cable and other items.
•The front pocket can be folded out to a maximum angle of 45 degrees, to prevent items from falling out. Flat objects can be stored in the mesh attached to the front pocket. Inside there is a crossed rubber strap for inserting notepads or tablets, for example. An additional mesh pocket inside provides a smartphone pocket, a pen holder and further storage space.
•The long on-board connecting cable with fuses (supplied) allows the cool bag to be positioned on any seat in the car.
•Integrated, anti-slip pads on the base of the bag to protect the seat.
•The mesh in the nylon outer material acts as a sight guard for the cooling unit.
•The design features clear lines and geometric shapes.
•Discreetly integrated silver-grey BMW logo behind the outer mesh pocket.
•High quality finish of the stitching without welting.
•Zip fastener on the outer pockets with embossed BMW logo.
•The cool bag is easy to clean and wipeable.
•The bag is made of high quality, hard-wearing black nylon material.


The Apple iPhone starts to be charged as soon as it is placedin the wireless charging case and positioned on an inductive charging surface.

The wireless charging cover enables your Apple iPhone 6/6s to be charged wirelessly. It enables charging in combination with all BMW wireless charging options and the Original BMW accessories.

The wireless charging case also makes it possible to charge the iPhone conveniently using various inductive chargers available on the market. The iPhone is placed in the single-piece black Original BMW case for this purpose.

Product Feature :
Wireless charging using a charging current of up to 1 A.
This product using the flexible cover material are pleasant to touch and simple insertion and removal of the iPhone.
Protection of the iPhone through shock-absorbing edges.
Elegant design with imprinted BMW wordmark and perfect fit for the Apple iPhone.
Compatible with all Qi-certified chargers (inductive energy transfer).


Aquapel windscreen coating is a product to ensure optimalwater removal from the side windows, resulting in improved visibility and easier removal of environmental influences from the windows.

The BMW Aquapel includes 1 piece cleaning cloth, 1 ampoule liquid (10ml) and application instruction. Note:
• Application conditions: Do not use in temperatures below 5 °C or above 40 °C or in excessively damp conditions.
• The product is only approved for use on the side windows. Its use on the windscreen may cause negative reflection and distribution effects.
• The product is designed for single use and will generally be sufficient for treating four side windows.
• After application, the treatment can be repeated if necessary.
• Cleaning glass using conventional cleaning products will not affect this product.


Very soft, hard-wearing synthetic cloth for polishing paintwork care products. It offers lots of advantages over polishing wads - less force required and no fluff when polishing.

The BMW Polishing Fleece includes 15 pieces disposable cloths. Dimension size 38cm x 30cm


The BMW Folding Table can easily be inserted and connected to the BMW Basic Carrier of the Travel & Comfort System or to the Travel & Comfort mount (SA4FL) in the backrest. The height and angle of the folding table can be adjusted, and it also has an integral cup holder with chrome ring.

• High quality plastic in ultrasonically welded and glued matt black.
• Table top varnished in easy-care varnish for a pleasant feel.
• Accentuating elements finished in BMW pearl gloss chrome.

• The headrests may not be fully retractable when the BMW Basic Carrier is fitted. • BMW Basic Carrier sold separately.