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The new Ambient Air scent concept has been developed especially for the needs of the discerning BMW driver. The Ambient Air scents create an exclusive atmosphere of well-being inside the car and ensure maximum comfort, even on long journeys. BMW drivers also have a wide range of different scents to choose from, enabling them to make their car even more exquisite and personal. For the Ambient Air special equipment (SA 4NM) package, eight multi-layered scents have been created that are grouped into four different suites. Each suite represents a separate scent category and contains both a light (No. 1) and a deeper (No. 2) scent.

The Authentic Suite combines timeless elegance with the authenticity of high-quality materials.
Authentic Suite No.2 is characterised by facets of lush spices and chords of wood and rounded off with harmonious aromas of sugar cane and candied fruit.

Functionality: Up to two scent cartridges can be installed in the air freshener inside the glove compartment. The scents and their level of intensity can be controlled in line with the driver's preferences using the iDrive controller. Each scent cartridge lasts around 6 months (based on average intensity and 1 hour of use per day).

Compatibility: This product is only for these vehicle models that come with ambient air package such as: G30/G11/G12.
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