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BMW Motorrad Chain Spray is a fully synthetic lubricant for drive chains.
Quick and easy use: The low viscosity combined with solvents and release oil ensures the product penetrates effortlessly to the points where lubrication is required.
Once the solvent has evaporated, special-tack polymers ensure that a thick, durable film of lubricant remains on the chain.
The water-repelling film can resist temperatures as high as 200 °C and does not wash off even during long rides in heavy rain.
Special corrosion inhibitors protect the chain and sprockets from damage by aggressive moisture, road salt etc.

Use: Before applying chain spray, use a cloth or a copper-wire brush to remove coarse, loose foreign matter. Working from the inside toward the outside, apply chain spray sparingly and evenly to the clean, dry surface of the chain; turn the rear wheel slowly by hand to spread the lubricate over the rear sprocket and the gearbox output pinion. Allow the lubricant to dry for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on ambient temperature) so that the solvent can evaporate and the lubricating agents can penetrate to the points requiring lubrication and to allow the lubricating film to develop its maximum adhesion.
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