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First shower gel for rider and vehicle
Fresh, distinctive fragrance
Gentle cleaning and care for skin, dermatologically tested
Also suitable for motorcycle cleaning

look after your motorcycle like you do yourself: with Body + Bike, the first shower gel for you and your motorcycle. For showering, simply spread 15 ml of skin-friendly shower gel evenly across your body and wash off with clean water. And what's good for you, is good for your motorcycle too. For washing your motorcycle, first wash down your motorcycle with clean water, and then mix 30 ml of shower gel with 5 l of warm water. Then rub the shower gel-water mixture onto the motorcycle and wash it off again with clean water. For optimal results, polish afterwards with a soft, dry cloth. And yes, your motorcycle will thank you. Warning: only take your motorcycle in the shower if there is sufficient room!
S$19.46 incl GST
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