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The BMW Baby Seat Group 0+ is the perfect solution for transporting babies in the car. Outside the car, BMW and paediatricians recommend a suitable pram with horizontal bed function for longer transport purposes. Backward-facing child seats should never be installed on a passenger seat with active airbag. Once triggered, an airbag will inevitably impact with the shell of the seat and could injure the child.

From the day a baby is born, BMW Child Seats offer the best possible protection for transporting children in cars. Baby Seat Group 0+ is the ideal seat for babies up to approx. 15 months (approx. 13 kg).

Weight: 4.2 kg (+ISOFIX base: 6.2 kg)
H x W x D: 480 x 440 x 550 m
BMW Baby Seat 0+ requires installation of the isofix base too.

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